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Leonie Noble is WINSC’s New President

 Along with her President’s role in WINSC, she also becomes the WINSC delegate on the Board of National Rural Women’s Coalition.  She has also been named in the 100 Top Agribusiness Women in Australia 2014.  Read More Here

WINSC are pleased to advise that they have a full Board with Directors now representing all States of Australia

WINSC AGM and conference will be on the 24th and 25th October. The Seafood Directions 15 will commence with registrations on Sunday 25th October until the 27th Read More Here

Congratulations to Suzanne Martin 2015 Winner of the WINSC FRDC Professional Development Scholarship Read More Here

 Funding for this Professional Development Scholarship is provided through a grant from FRDC on behalf of the Australian Government

Introduction To WINSC – 1998 Onwards 

The Women’s Industry Network (WIN) was formed in 1996 by a group of women fishing in South Australia.  In 1998 The Women’s Industry Network Seafood Community (WINSC) developed into a National body with organisations in each state.

WINSC is the only national organisation in Australia representing women in the Seafood Industry.  It is a unique network covering the tough, high-tech world of commercial fishing, the cutting edge aquaculture, research and processing sectors and policy and resource management.

The objectives of WINSC are:

  • Recognise and enhance the skills of seafood women.
  • Develop effective partnerships with government agencies and other industry stakeholders.
  • Take a professional approach to all activities and relationships with other stakeholders.
  • Create a supportive environment to ensure women of the fishing industry reach their potential.
  • Actively encourage the involvement of seafood women.
  • Provide community education on all aspects of the seafood industry.

Wherever they work, WINSC builds the capacity of its seafood women to contribute to their industry.


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