“Justine Arnold 2014 Winner of the WINSC FRDC Professional Development Scholarship”

 Funding for this Professional Development Scholarship is provided through a grant from FRDC on behalf of the Australian Government

“WINSC 2014 AGM & Conference”

 To be held at the Parklands Apartments in Dickson, Canberra on 27th -29th September 2014

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Introduction To WINSC – 1998 Onwards 

The Women’s Industry Network (WIN) was formed in 1996 by a group of women fishing in South Australia.  In 1998 The Women’s Industry Network Seafood Community (WINSC) developed into a National body with organisations in each state.

WINSC is the only national organisation in Australia representing women in the Seafood Industry.  It is a unique network covering the tough, high-tech world of commercial fishing, the cutting edge aquaculture, research and processing sectors and policy and resource management.

The objectives of WINSC are:

  • Recognise and enhance the skills of seafood women.
  • Develop effective partnerships with government agencies and other industry stakeholders.
  • Take a professional approach to all activities and relationships with other stakeholders.
  • Create a supportive environment to ensure women of the fishing industry reach their potential.
  • Actively encourage the involvement of seafood women.
  • Provide community education on all aspects of the seafood industry.

Wherever they work, WINSC builds the capacity of its seafood women to contribute to their industry.


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