2007-2008 Conference & AGM

20 Oct

To be held in Brisbane on the 1st and 2nd August 2008, prior to the Aquaculture Conference. Anne Whalley will present the key to the Queensland State President. QWIN is invited to organise the 2008 conference.

2007-2008 WINSC BOARD

President, Anne Whalley: QLD Director

Vice President, Tanya Adams: WA Director

Sec/Treasurer, Julii Tyson: NT Director

Executive member, Mary Howard: NSW Director

Executive member, Karen Holder: SA Director

Abby Ward, Tas Director

Donna Wells (NZ), Director at Large

Janet Howieson (WA), Director at Large

Eve Robinson (NT), Director at Large

Position not filled, Victorian Director

Position not filled, ACT Director



1. The Board needs to review the membership fee for 2008-2009 and the percentage paid to State bodies as per the constitution.

2. That WINSC apply for a position on the National Training Network Seafood Standing Committee (part of the AgriSkills Council)

3. Members would like opportunities to work with Australian Women in Agriculture organisation, as has been done in the past.

4. Neil McDonald suggested that WINSC consider engaging with issues around inshore fisheries – develop processes to enable inshore fisheries to better respond to threats socially, economically, politically and to identify activities been done elsewhere as to what it takes to better skill inshore industries to represent interests and community. WINSC is to contact Neil re initial workshop about skills and opportunities.


The AGM closed at 4.15pm EDST.

Two guest speakers then addressed the meeting.

Hillary Revill spoke about her work with Tasmanian Fisheries in both the management and commercial areas.

Tara Francis from Relationships Australia Qld spoke about “Support for Fishing Families”

Julii Tyson

NT Director




It was pleasing to note that many people made the effort to attend the AGM 2007. The WINSC gathering in Hobart has been billed as a mini-conference.and was held in the Seafood Training Tasmania rooms. On the day, we had presentations from the following people:

Jo-anne Ruscoe, the Project Manager – People Development, from FRDC who spoke of the opportunities available to people in the seafood industry and the FRDC People Development project.

Hillary Revill – who works for DPI – Tasmania and talked to us about different aspects of her career in the seafood industry and her links to the catching sector. I thought Hillary would make an excellent WINSC member.

Tara Francis – came from Queensland and represented Relationships Australia and spoke to the group about a programme which had been set up in Queensland to provide support and counselling to fishing families. Of particular interest was a unit on husband/wife working partnerships and business problems they may experience. The programme could be taken to anywhere in Australia but at present was only available in Queensland. Tara also attended our Dinner at the Marque IV Restaurant.

The dinner was also attended by these NZ Seafood Directions conference delegates;

Sharon Larsen, Fishing and Vessel Operations Sector Manager for SITO; Nici Gibbs who is a Policy Manager for the Seafood Industry Council (SeaFIC) and Tania McPherson, a Senior Policy Analyst of Customary Fisheries, for Te Ohu Kai Moana (TOKM).

Donna Wells






The following awards were presented on 1st November at the Seafood Awards night held at the Wrest Point Conference Centre following a very successful Seafood Directions conference held at the Hotel Grand Chancellor Hobart:

  • Environmental Award – Austral Fishing, WA
  • Seafood restaurant Award – Del Giorno’s, Port Lincoln, SA
  • Seafood Business Award – Abacus Fisheries, WA
  • Research & Development Award – Seafood Secrets, WA
  • Industry promotion Award – Sydney Fish Market, NSW
  • Seafood training Award – Seafood Directions, Qld
  • Seafood Industry Producer Award – Abacus Fisheries, WA
  • Seafood Icon Award – Colin Dyke (First time its been won by aquaculturist…)
  • Special One off FRDC Award – Tim Mirabella for his passionate speech at the Conference



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