2012-2013 WINSC/FRDC PD Scholarship Winner – Esmay Hropic

12 Mar

Congratulations to Esmay Hropic our 2012-2013 WINSC/FRDC PD Scholarship Winner.

Esmay Hropic lives at Batemans Bay. She is married with a family and has a history of working in the Seafood Industry in NSW, both the south and north coasts over the past 28 years alongside her husband.

In the last 25 years she has witnessed enormous change. She feels that the Industry is poorly represented and this has impacted on Families involved in the Seafood Industry. Legal Advise is expensive and difficult to obtain because of the lack of knowledge in the specialized area of Commercial Fisheries Management.

She has campaigned and researched extensively collating history and undertaking interviews with associated people and their families prior to submitting an enormous document in support of the commercial fishers and the ramifications of the newly introduced Batemans Marine Park. This was a huge and exhaustive effort for her.

WINSC believe that she will be equally committed to the Bachelor of Social Science in Justice Studies which she has commenced. It has six standard semesters full-time to completion at the University of Canberra in 2013. The funds from the WINSC FRDC PD Scholarship will provide the text books for Esmay to undertake this course. Upon completion of her Bachelor degree she plans to set up from home a Legal Advice office and a website which will advertise a Helpline for Fishing Families to access all forms of advice from information of fishing related matters, to new Government Regulations. She also plans to offer access to counseling for families in need. I would like to incorporate various fishing organisations and encourage them to be actively involved forming an avenue for fishing families to be heard and responded to their needs.

WINSC are enormously grateful to the FRDC for their ongoing support of our Professional Development Scholarship. Without this opportunity Esmay and many other previous winners may not have had the chance to pursue these avenues.

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