WINSC fulfils many important functions for its members, particularly in networking and passing on information. The organisation occupies a unique position within the seafood industry. It provides an insight into the societal and family aspects of the seafood business and how they are affected by government and community actions and decisions.

WINSC has the potential to influence how things are done and how the industry is perceived.

As a member of WINSC you will be invited to participate in State-based activities and training programs and have the opportunity to attend national conferences around Australia. These provide excellent personal and professional development and extensive industry networking opportunities.

Members receive national newsletters to keep them in touch with other fishing families and communities and see how they are dealing with issues facing the industry. Contributions from members who want to share their strengths and solutions are welcomed.

Through its newsletters and email, WINSC provides support, encouragement and information to female members of the seafood community.

If you require any further information or help please contact the secretary.

The benefits of being a member of WINSC:

  • Encouraging women to participate in a national network of seafood industry women.
  • Access to quality information and advice (research, upcoming initiatives and key events, funding initiatives).
  • Access to national projects and conferences.
  • Facilitation of women’s skills development through workshops, participation in leadership programs, mentoring, youth initiatives and study tours.
  • Coordinated approach to increasing awareness of social issues.
  • Promotion of the seafood industry through seafood festivals, website, newsletter, media releases.
  • Conduit to government through provision of advice on women’s issues through membership of National Rural Women’s Coalition.
  • Partnerships and strong links to peak industry bodies and agencies.

WINSC Membership forms can be viewed and downloaded below:

WINSC Membership Renewal Form 2016-2017









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