AWiA: A Note from the President

2 Mar

A note from the AWiA President


Yesterday I was up in wildflower country of Eneabba in WA, having being invited to present at the West Midlands Group Rural Women’s Day. I was sharing my journey with Australian Women in Agriculture and why it is that we are tenaciously continuing to ensure women influence the agricultural agenda. Encouraging the women in attendance to join our AWiA Members in actively participating and having their voices heard, I was speaking about the Agricultural Competitiveness White Paper.

The Minister of Agriculture, Barnaby Joyce, must’ve known we were talking about how Australian Women in Agriculture will be involved, because the Issues Paper was released at the very same time. Click here to read the media release, It’s time to think big about Australian Agriculture. I would encourage everyone to read the Issues Paper, or just the summary if you’re short of time, and think about the comments you’d like to have heard. If you would like to get more actively involved in making a submission to the White Paper, please email us.

In the next few weeks there are also a couple of events to note – the upcoming ABARES Outlook 2014 Conference and International Women’s Day, further details below. Until then, enjoy the last month of summer

Warm regards,From Liz :)
Elizabeth Brennan
President, Australian Women in Agriculture


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