Do seismic surveys threaten fish, management cost, another WTO, the bad old days, COOL

1 May


April 2013 Newsletter

Issue 26 – 3,205 recipients
The Commonwealth Fisheries Association has nominated marine seismic surveys used by the oil and gas industry as a key threatening process under the EPBC Act.  Why is the CFA so concerned?
The South East Fishery has been accredited as an approved Wildlife Trade Operation by Minister Burke.  This sounds like good news but in reality the management to achieve this was already in place.  Read more…
The Coalition has announced that if elected they would support country of origin labelling of cooked seafood.  This means that for the first time consumers could make an informed seafood choice in pubs, clubs and restaurants.  Why is the fishing industry so excited about this?
A group of leading fisheries academics have written an article in THE CONVERSATION debating whether the Super-Trawler decision will see a return to political expediency, away from science-based fisheries management and whether this will see a return to the bad old days of the 1990s…  Read more
Dr James Findlay, AFMA’s CEO, has written an open letter about AFMA’s costs.  In the letter Dr Findlay explains how various initiatives have decreased CPI adjusted recovered management costs 14% since 2005/6.  Dr Findlay makes a numerical commitment for the trend of future costs, see this commitment here.




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