Engaged Environmental Citizenship Book Release

4 Jun

For anyone dealing with the interaction of industry and community you may well be interested in this new book released by CDU Press:

Engaged Environmental Citizenship (2013) by Heather J Aslin and Stewart Lockie (Eds), Charles Darwin University Press.

“The topic of this book, engaged environmental citizenship is a ‘big idea’. It raises many issues about democracy; governance; consumer society; how people, their environments and ecology are connected; and how we can take better account of ecological realities and minimise environmental impacts”

Part Three is likely to be of particular interest – ‘Citizenship through the market: standards, audit and certification [which] turns to the role of the market and the effects of market constraints like regulations and standards; corporations’ public accountability, particularly via the media; and the need some  industries feel for social acceptance that goes beyond receiving direct market signals from consumer behaviour and beyond merely complying with government regulations.’

Kate Brooks from Kal Analysis has contributed a chapter (Chapter 12) which deals with motivations for industry engagement with environmental and ecological citizenship, which while perhaps not purely altruistic does produce important and often unanticipated benefits as participants learn from each other and new attitudes and social norms are created. She attempts to highlight the delicate balance that needs to be struck by industry’s between undertaking actions for their inherent benefit and seeking public endorsement as responsible environmental behaviour, and its outcomes for attaining a social licence to operate.

You can visit the Kal Analysis website here – http://www.kalanalysis.com.au/

If you are interested in securing a copy, we have attached a scan of the order form for you which can be downloaded below:

Engaged Environmental Citizenship Order Form


If you experience any difficulty opening any of the files, please download the latest Adobe Reader (free).



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