First year director reflections & news on peak industry body forum

20 Oct

My visit to Tasmania as Director of NSW WINSC capped off a year of talking to directors around Australia and New Zealand and finally seeing everyone face to face.

This is essential to bring a true perspective to who we are, that we are real, and that we can collectively influence the future for our industry.

My attendance in the morning at the industry meeting called to discuss the development of a Peak Industry Body highlighted the need for women at the table.

There were three women present. The meeting was well attended and all participants were encouraged to have input into the meeting.

In general it was collaboratively agreed that a Peak Industry body was essential, and a steering committee should be formed. My understanding was that a paper would be distributed to all for further discussion. Funding was still an issue. A timeline strategy was defined. There was insufficient clarity on dealing with State based issues in the structure. The terms of reference will be important, the meeting was not the forum for discussion on issues.

I was disappointed that the Chair implied that WINSC had indicated it wasn’t interested in being a part of the sub committee but was interested in being consulted with. I indicated that WINSC did indicate its interest in being involved in the Steering committee and was disappointed that I didn’t have the prior email with me.

I saw little point in arguing the point at the table preferring this to be in writing.

I left Tasmania, encouraged to pursue my environmental issues in NSW and utilise this to expand the NSW membership base by positive contacts.Overall a positive meeting which has set positive goals for the year.



Mary Howard



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