FRDC Breakfast report by Abby Ward

20 Oct

As a result of my successful appointment on the Rural Industry youth advisory group for the Department of Forestry and Fisheries I was invited to join the FRDC ‘breakfast with the board’ on Friday 2nd November. Also attending the breakfast were some conference participants from various other fishery sectors whose attendance at the conference was sponsored by FRDC.

Dr Patrick Hone, director of FRDC, invited breakfast guests to speak to the group about issues and challenges facing their particular area.

A recurring theme from each speaker was their lack of time to stand up and put in the extra work required to keep their particular industry going and many felt sole responsibility in certain sectors where others were not willing to assist with necessary steps such as implementing EMS strategies/plans.

Many speaking at the breakfast were quite emotional when explaining their situation, especially those in Western Australia where rezoning of Marine Protection Areas has taken place and in many instances fisherman who rely on those particular areas are not told or given forewarning leading to the financial detriment of not only their businesses but their families.




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