FRDC WINSC PD Scholarship Winner Announced

30 Apr


Suzanne Martin


WINSC are proud to announce that the winner of the 2015 FRDC WINSC PD Scholarship is Suzanne Martin, a vet, from Quamby Brook in Tasmania. Suzanne has a long history of working in the seafood industry when she worked on a prawn trawler in the Gulf of Carpentaria for a season in the 1980’s. After finishing her university studies she worked for several years in the UK as a veterinarian working on the Isle of Lewis (off the west coast of Scotland). The major industry on the island was salmon farming so servicing the local fish farms was a significant part of the work involved in the practice she worked in.

On her return to Australia she worked on Flinders Island in the Bass Strait. Aquaculture, particularly abalone, was a significant industry there so her work with these enterprises involved the disease investigation and disease management. She is currently involved in emergency disease management, including preparedness planning for disease outbreaks in the seafood industry in Tasmania.

Sue plans to attend an Advanced Aquatic Care and Husbandry Course conducted by the Canadian Aquatic Institute at the University of Prince Edward Island followed by a 4 day post course tour of a variety of enterprises on Prince Edward Island, particularly focussing on aquatic animal health management systems which improve and promote sustainability in the farmed salmon industry.

This course will be invaluable to Sue and the networking and firsthand knowledge she will gave will assist all those she works with within the Tasmanian Seafood Industry.

It is third time lucky for Sue who has applied for this scholarship previously to attend various International conferences. I trust that this is an indication to never give up on your dreams.

Sue will provide a report back to WINSC and the FRDC on completion of her course.




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