Anne Whalley

anne whalley

Anne Whalley International Women’s Day 2017

I have been in the seafood industry for 46 years, having married a fisherman.  We are now retired.

We trawled for prawns and saucer scallops, line fished and caught several species of crabs along the Queensland Coast in and adjacent to the Great Barrier Reef.

I have been a member of Women’s Industry Network Seafood Community in Australia since 1998, having been President, Treasurer and Admin. Officer over this time. I am still involved in the organisation.

My most memorable moment:  After a 2 way radio message from my husband to bring another boat to his aid, I set off with my girlfriend and aluminium dingy to drive to the nearest boat ramp ¾ hour away, launch the boat ourselves, cross the bar and go in search of him: No radar in a 14’ open tinnie.

After running for ¾ hour we spotted in, and slowly came alongside. He had a load of sea mullet which was too much for his boat to handle. Just as we got close by the weight of fish sunk the boat. We then had to spend the next 6 hours retrieving the fish, draining the boat, sharing the catch and heading back to whence we had left.

What I love about the women of the seafood industry: I love the people, sharing the experiences, assisting, networking and building lifelong friends from all over the world.


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