Carmel McCaskill-Ball

Carmel McCaskill-Ball

Carmel McCaskill-Ball


Your role/sector in industry and length and location.

For some 14 years I have worked alongside some many passionate, dedicated and hardworking professional seafood people, I have become familiar with a number of significant challenges facing the industry and found that there was very little support and networking opportunities, particularly for women.

In 2006, in unison with my partner, Ziko, we opened the first ‘only Australian’ fresh seafood market in Darwin, Northern Territory – Darwin Fish Market, supplying not only to a niche market with our only Australian range but a focus on local produce which constitutes 98% of our product lines, even down to the lemons we sell.

What you love about your seafood industry.

The people; they are honest, loyal and hardworking, each and every one of them have a shared interest for the sustainability of each and every species within Australian waters.

What is your biggest reward working in the seafood industry?

Professional fishers in the Northern Territory have paved the way for initiatives such as license reduction, restricted seasons, catch size, fishery closures and controlled fishing techniques. They have led the way nationally with bycatch reduction and have embraced ground-breaking NT seafood labelling laws that better inform consumers.

The people who operate the professional fishing licenses serve a large portion of society and Ziko and I gain the most benefit by providing our community, who do not own a boat or want to go fishing, but desire a meal of quality seafood.

Favourite memorable moment whilst working/living in the seafood industry.

This would definitely be the Territories Seafood Festival, where all lovers of seafood convened; the general community, the seafood industry and the hospitality sector.

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