Dr Tanya King

dr tanya king

Dr Tanya King

Role in the industry:

I have been privileged to work with the fishing industry, on and off, for 17 years, as a social scientist. I did my earlier work with the southern shark fishery, as they underwent a large amalgamation as well as the shift to an ITQ system. More recently, I’ve been involved with the Victorian bays and inlet fishers and their campaign for political and public recognition and support. Currently I’m working on a health project aiming to understand, and improve, the health, wellbeing and safety of those in the fishing industry around the country.

What do you love about this industry:

So much. I’m an environmentalist at heart, and I’ve never met a group a people more in tune with their surroundings, with the ebb and flo of seasons, the interactions of natural systems, species and mediums, than fishermen. What I admire about their brand of environmentalism is its realism, its practicality and its no-frills presentation. They’re not looking to be on the front cover of a greenie magazine, they just want to make sure there’s a healthy fishery there for generations to come – which is what I want, too.

What’s it like being a women in the industry:

I think there’s certainly a bit of a blokey aspect to the fishing industry, though that’s changing with the amazing work of organisations like WINSC and other international bodies that both promote and recognise the contribution of women to the industry. Women do so much in this industry, though it’s sometimes a challenge to get them to recognise their value.

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