Emma Wilkie

Emma WilkieEmma Wilkie

International Women’s Day  2017

How did I get involved? Environmental science and sustainability were my passions at university. Being an industry that is reliant on healthy ecosystems, I was drawn to a career in oyster aquaculture where environmental stewardship and delicious wholesome seafood go hand in hand.

What’s the reward for being in the industry? Where do I begin?  Producing food is extremely rewarding, but it’s also much more than that. The work is diverse, whether it’s on the boat one day or in the lab the next. There are always challenges; mental, emotional, and physical, which keep the opportunities flowing and the energy levels high.

What do I love about being a woman in seafood? The people. I love working with fishers, aquaculture farmers, managers, scientists, lobbyists, students, community groups, restaurants and media groups. Women have an extremely important place in each facet and I think this is becoming more and more recognised.

What’s my favourite moment? Punting at sunrise along a remote, pristine estuary on the far south coast of NSW. The water was glassy, the fog was lifting, and national park covered every bank. When we stopped the punt, all you could hear were the fish jumping.



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