Gloria Jones

Gloria Jones – International Women’s Day 2017

Gloria Jones

Time in seafood industry

A lifetime of commercial fishing.

Understand management and leadership, government processes, fisheries research and stock assessment, fisheries access rights and resource security, fisheries economics, risk assessment in fisheries management, environmental issues and the fishing industry, fisheries management plans and conflict resolution in fisheries management

Roles and Achievements

  • Inaugural member of the Women’s Industry Network (WIN) working with the Fishing and Seafood Industry of South Australia.
  • Inaugural secretary of the national body WINSC.
  • Past President of the National body Women’s Industry Network Seafood Community.
  • Past President Rural Women’s Coalition .
  • Member of:Southern Fishermen’s Association (Life member)
    • South Australian Women’s Industry Network (Life member)
    • Women’s Industry Seafood Community Network Life member)
    • Australia Fisheries Hall of Fame member

What I love about my seafood industry-

Mostly I love the people in the industry. They are all such genuine men and women and I feel honoured to have met so many of them around Australia. I love the stories of the industry, the old and the new, the good and the bad.

Most interesting moment- Every moment has been precious, some extremely funny, and some extraordinarily sad, but all very special.

Thoughts about my industry-I am fortunate to have many amazing experiences and opportunities in the seafood industry. My husband, Henry was a 4th generation fisher, my daughter Christine is now the owner operator of the licence and my grandson is the 6th generation fisher in our family and so I see a long, healthy industry ahead.

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