Hayley Abbott

Hayley Abbott

Hayley Abbott – International Women’s Day 2017

How did I get involved in the seafood industry?

I am 26 years old and have been involved in the seafood industry since birth. I am the sister, daughter and granddaughter of fishermen so you could say it is in my blood. I have been working on fishing boats since I was 8 years old, only taking time off for school and to complete a business degree in the USA.

After 4 years, away from my family and the ocean I knew where I wanted to be.

I returned home with some ideas and began a new business processing and selling the seafood that my family caught, directly to the public.

What I love about the seafood industry?

I love the diversification of the industry. The fact that there are so many different steps and processes involved from catching the fish right up to selling the end product to our loyal customers. I enjoy, the comradery within the industry, from fishermen helping each other out in hard times, to experienced and wise heads giving you direction in the processing side of the industry. I find if you are keen enough to learn and ask questions, there are plenty of people in the industry willing to help and guide you.

Memorable moment?

There have been many memorable fishing moments in my past. One of the highlights was back in 2013 fishing off the south coast of NSW with my two brothers when we caught a 160kg Bluefin tuna. The adrenaline you experience when you see a fish like that on the end of the line is unexplainable, the only thing that tops it is the excitement of finally getting it on the boat!

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