Heidi Mumme

heidi mumme

Heidi Mumme

17 years in the seafood industry

About me:

My journey into the seafood industry began after completing my BSc (marine and Environmental Biology) in Adelaide when I ventured to Tasmania and completed my Masters in Aquaculture working on freshwater bathing as a treatment for Amoebic Gill Disease in salmon.

After studying, I moved to the NT with my now husband where I gained my first experience in the Pearling industry as a hatchery technician. After 12 months working remotely and wanting to fulfil a travel bug, I ventured overseas as many young Australians do on a working visa to the UK. I was fortunate enough to combine my travel with working for one of the largest salmon producers in Scotland gaining invaluable international experience and insight into the industry.

On return to Australia, I again found myself drawn to Pearling where I have now been working for 13 years in various roles which have included Pearl Grading, 9 years as a research officer managing internally and externally funded projects whilst also completing my PhD and for the last 4 years my role has shifted to Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental Systems Manager – Pearling. This has been a very challenging and rewarding role where I have developed and implemented:

  • Safety management systems (SMS) for a fleet of vessels which is also externally certified to the ISM Code
  • A Food Safety Management System which is also externally certified to ISO-22000
  • SMS for the mallard, engineering and logistical components of the Pearling unit
  • Environmental Management Plans for lease areas
  • In the process of registering for export certification for pearl meat

I am a graduate of the National Seafood Industry Leadership Program (NSILP) and have been the recipient of the Robert Laidlow Scholarship in the NT funded by PITA Seafood Grants fund and sponsored by the NT Seafood Council and PITAC NT.

I am a current member of the NT Research Advisory Committee.

What I love about the Seafood Industry:

The diversity within the industry and opportunities that arise are major drawcards of this industry. The dedicated characters that each have their own inspiring story to tell make this industry special and unique.

I love the challenges that continually present themselves. The industry is unpredictable with so many external factors that can affect production and time frames. No day is ever the same!!

Women in the Seafood Industry:

The seafood industry is traditionally a male dominated industry, however, this has been changing and recognition of women in the industry and their achievements is increasing every year. It is a fantastic industry to be a part of, and I consider myself fortunate to have taken this path as I have developed life-long networks and friendships and hope to continue doing so for years to come.

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