Jayne Gallagher

Jayne Gallagher

Time in Seafood Industry – 20 Years

I have had quite a varied seafood career so far with experience in government, industry and research.

Prior to 1996 I worked in the Australian Public Service in Canberra working first for the Department of Foreign Affairs, followed by the Department of Trade and then finally for the Department of Agriculture.  It was there that I was first introduced to the Australian Seafood industry.

In 1996 I joined the industry peak industry body, the Australian Seafood Industry Council to manage the implementation of an industry wide food safety and quality management program known as SeaQual.  Since then I have had my own business and worked for Seafood Services Australia developing and managing seafood industry development initiatives including

  • Seafood Environmental Management Systems,
  • Australian Fish Names Standard
  • National Seafood Safety Standard
  • Seafood Supply Chain Management Improvement

In 2007 I was part of the bid team that was successful in establishing the Seafood Cooperative Research Center.  I  lead the post harvest research program which, after 8 years, included the following achievements

  • A comprehensive consumer insight program to guide market development investment
  • Australian Wild Abalone ® China market development program
  • Seafood Trade Advisory Group which was instrumental in achieving a favourable outcome for seafood in recent Free Trade Agreements
  • SafeFish which provides technical support to trade negotiations
  • Love Australian Prawns Campaign which was a joint wild and aquaculture prawn industry marketing strategy focused on the domestic market
  • Supply Chain management improvement tools and resources
  • New product development and waste minimisation programs

In 2015, I established a business with two amazing seafood women.  Our business, Honey & Fox Pty Ltd, works with businesses in the food industry, including many involved in seafood, to capitalise on business and market development opportunities in Australian and international markets.  Collectively we bring skills in strategy, project management , marketing, communication and design to help our clients grow, see the world differently and unlock the potential in their businesses.

International activities

In 2005 I became the President of IAFI, the International Association of Fish Inspectors, a position I held for four years.  In that time I presided over the World Seafood Congresses held in Sydney 2005, Dublin 2007 and Agadir 2009. These conferences, held every two years, have a track record of identifying critical issues facing the global seafood industry and providing a forum for them to be debated – a forum where the seafood industry, government and researchers from both developed and developing countries can participate.

What I love about my Seafood Industry

The seafood industry is the quiet achiever! We just get on with the job of producing food that is so essential to human health, we take care of the environment so that it can continue to produce and we are consistently innovating to make sure that we make use of everything we produce and minimise our waste.  This is not to say that we have it all sorted.  I, like most of the people in this industry, love a challenge – and there are many ahead. That is why I am particularly interested in promoting and highlighting the role of women. All to often we are ignored or not included in decision making forums.  This needs to change. It just makes economic sense to take advantage of all the resources and ideas we have available.

My challenge for 2017

The World seafood Congress 2017 is to be held in Iceland from 8th to 15th of September.  The role of women in the global seafood industry is to be one of the key issues discussed.  I am hoping to see a large presence of women from all over the world attending and actively participating in the congress.  See you there.




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