Jill Briggs

Jill Briggs

Victoria – Jill Briggs – Seafood Industry Consultant

Jill loves the work she has been doing in seafood industry for over 15 years. As an independent consultant Jill has been assisting people identify their passion, pinpoint a need, build alliances and make a difference. Over her time in the seafood industry Jill has managed the National Seafood Industry Leadership Program and delivered capacity building projects for all the sectors of the industry. She is currently working with the recreational sector in Western Australia, the retail sector in New South Wales and the indigenous fishers across Australia. Through her role on project advisory groups Jill connects with the industry researchers.

When and how did you get involved in the seafood industry? 

That is a good news story. I was working in the tertiary and vocational education sector in the areas of primary industries, communication and management and September 11 (2001) happened. I felt an enormous change in the way I thought about my life’s work from that day forward…I wanted to love deeply what I did each day and although I was pleased to be helping people at that time I actually wanted to find ‘my people’ and work with them to change the world. And I have done just that. I spend every day assisting people in the seafood industry find their “leadership space”. What a joy to do this work…how great is it to assist people make a difference…what better way is there to fill your days?

What is your biggest reward working in the seafood industry? 

The people. My work allows me to build trust with people over a very short period of time and then provide them with support and knowledge and skills to make a difference in their chosen “leadership space”. The work I do with individuals, businesses and organisations makes a difference in everyday life but also at an industry transformational level. I love working in an industry that is full of people want to have a red hot go.

Would you encourage women to follow a career in the seafood industry? Why? 

Absolutely. In my time working with the people of the seafood industry I have seen that there is a vast array of work opportunities. If you think of the value chain there is production/catch through to research and service businesses which offer such diverse prospects and then when you extend those career openings across the diverse industry sectors – aquaculture, indigenous, wildcatch and recreational – the opportunities would appear to be endless.


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