Katarina (Kat) Munksgaard


Katarina (Kat) Munksgaard


My role in the industry:

I am a social scientist who works as a research assistant on the FRDC project, Sustainable Fishing Families. I’ve trained mainly in the farming sector examining food sovereignty issues globally and most recently in Australia.  I am now expanding my repertoire to include fishing and its related issues, loving the opportunity to engage with a new area and its various stakeholders. Hailing from Denmark, I recently married Australian fire-fighter and all-around great person, Paul. This means that I am here to stay, which is really exciting!

What is it like being a woman working in the fishing industry?

Being fairly new to the fishing industry, I’ve found it amazing how forthcoming fishers have been when I‘ve approached them as a researcher. I think being a woman and ‘not from here’ puts me in a unique position to ask some questions or say some things that others might not. Part of my job has involved talking to fishers about their health and general well-being. I had heard that these topics are difficult to get fishers talking about, but after a few hours of good ol’ ranting about government regulations and general lack of support for commercial fishing, I was able to turn the subject onto what I actually was there to learn about – how fishers experience and deal with their health and well-being. I am looking forward to meeting more women working in the fishing industry and learning more about their everyday lives and the kinds of work they do!

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