Kate Barclay Associate Professor

Kate Barclay

Associate Professor Kate Barclay

My role in the industry:

Kate researches the social aspects of fisheries. Since the late 1990s she has researched the sustainable development of tuna resources in the island Pacific in the context of changing governance systems and globalisation. Recent projects include multidisciplinary work to evaluate the social and economic contributions fisheries and aquaculture make to coastal communities in Australia, and a governance analysis of the supply chain of beche de mer from Papua New Guinea to markets around Asia.

What is it like being a woman working with the fishing industry?

One of the main things I notice as a researcher is how hard it is to get women’s perspectives on the fishing industry. Most of the time women and men in fishing families assume the man is the person we should talk to. Women describe themselves as fishermen’s wives rather than as fishers, even if they also fish. And a lot of women who do the admin and book keeping side of things for their family fishing business do not see their role as significant. It would be great if one day men and women in fishing expected it would be normal for women in fishing families to be part of research as well as the men.

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