Kathryn Stack

Kathryn Stack




Kathryn Stack is former Managing Director of Europêche (the representative body for fishermen in the European Union) and seven-year policy veteran of the European Parliament. A UK citizen who is currently living and working in the EU capital, Brussels, Kathryn is currently preparing for the 2017 Nuffield International Farming Scholarship.

When and how did you get involved in the seafood industry?

By accident! I am from landlocked town in the North of England and when I first arrived in Brussels, was tasked with working on fisheries policy at the EU level. Once I started, I instantly became very passionate about it and quickly realised that fisheries is very little to do with fish and much more about foreign affairs, trade, economics, environment etc.

What drives me

I have worked on both sides as it were; the policy-making side and the industry side. Seeing some of the hurdles the industry has to overcome, it has given me a passion to bring the realities of fishing to the decision-making table and give the industry a voice on the very rules that affect them. To many, fishing is not just a job, it’s a way of life and we must do everything we can to preserve this.

What I love about being a woman in seafood

There’s not many of us around so it is good to not only champion those who are here but encourage more woman to join the industry. The seafood business is a great one to work in – we shouldn’t leave it all to the men!

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