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Manue (Manni) Daniels IWD17WESTERN AUSTRALIA’S



8 MARCH 2017

Manni is involved in the southern rock lobster fishery out of Esperance, originally from Paris, France it is quite a change but as you will read a change that she has embraced and loves!


WINSC: When and how did you get involved in the seafood industry?

When people ask me how I came to work in the fishing industry I generally tell them I got lost in my life because of where I come from (Paris) and where I live now. While backpacking in Australia I ended working in Eucla on the Nullarbor plain as bartender at the roadhouse. Life had in store for me to meet the love of my life there, a southern rock lobster fisherman based in Esperance south of WA.

Anyhow for the first two years I focused on doing the bookwork then we extended our activity to process our lobster, therefore I became a fish processor. It has been now 5 years that I am full-time working in the industry, I became involved in our local fishing industry by being a member of the Esperance Professional Fisherman association and have been the Vice-President for the last 3 years.

WINSC: What is your biggest reward working in the seafood industry?

There are so many rewards working in the industry that choosing one is difficult. But if I had to choose one it would be the fact that I am involved in something special, a world apart, a world that most people do not know or have little idea of what we do and how we live. So yes when I explain to someone what we do and the answer is ‘whoa I never realised all what is involved… etc. it is some kind of reward for me and for our commercial fishing community, that actually that person will maybe look at fishing a different way than the one the media conveys.

WINSC: Would you encourage women to follow a career in the seafood industry? Why?

I would definitely encourage women to work in the industry because we have so much to bring to the industry, we have a different way of thinking, different approach, looking at things and this is needed. Most of all I would encourage the women who are actually working in the industry but you don’t see them because they stay out of the lime light, I am thinking about all the fisherman’s wives who actually work a great deal for the industry but are not recognised or heard, to make themselves more visible.

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