Marianne St Clair


Marianne St Clair

Marianne St ClairMarianne commenced work whilst still at university with the SA Fisheries Department working on the colonisation of artificial substrata and with Federal fisheries on the Orange Roughy aging using otoliths.  She then taught at Flinders and Adelaide Universities and was Chair of the Coastal issues Working group for the Conservation Council of SA working on projects such as piping effluent from the Pt Noarlunga Reef area to the Southern Vales and implementing long term monitoring of marine areas using recreational divers.  In 1994 she moved to Katherine, NT and worked in training, IT and environmental management, including running an IT and environmental consulting company.

In 2002 she took up the role of Executive Officer for the NT Fishing Industry Training Advisory Board and established the NT Primary Industries Training Advisory Council (NT).  She attended her first WINSC conference in 2002 in Hobart.  She went on to do consulting work from 2009 working on projects such as establishing Abattoirs in Northern Australia, supplying crocodile meat to China and investigating the feasibility of providing jelly fish to the Chinese market from the NT.

In 2015 she commenced a PhD at Curtin University under the Supervision of Fran Ackermann (Dean, Curtin Business School) and Janet Howieson (Centre for Excellence for Science, Seafood and Health) on the role of collaboration in Seafood enterprise development in remote Indigenous Communities in Northern Australia.  In 2016 she commenced work as a Research Associate at the Northern Institute, Charles Darwin University.

What I love about the Seafood Industry:  The long term friendships, the wonderful seafood and the amazing people!

Highlights from 30 years of working with the Seafood Industry:  The NT Seafood Industry taking up Environmental Management as an Industry and the inaugural Seafood Festival Seafood Ball.

Why I am a member of WINSC:  Over the last 15 years I have gained so much support, encouragement, learning opportunities and friendship through WINSC….and so many hugs!  I would encourage all men and women in the Seafood Industry to join WINSC.


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