Marilyn (Mannie) Shea


8th March 2017


Marilyn (Mannie) Shea

Executive Officer Resource Access

Western Australian Fishing Industry Council (WAFIC)

When and how did you get involved in the seafood industry?

I completed a Bachelor of Arts (Asian Studies) degree at Curtin University majoring in Japanese and Marketing and had my hopes set on a career path in either mining or commercial fishing. I was a Geraldton kid so was well aware of opportunities in commercial fishing, Geraldton being the key regional fishing port for the mid-west. Fortunately for me, an opportunity came up with the M G Kailis Group and I commenced work there in 1994, in my first year working for the Managing Director and then transferred across to the marketing division and was the Manager Fresh Foods (live lobster from Kailis’ Dongara facility and the farmed Southern Bluefin Tuna at Port Lincoln) when I finished at Kailis in 1999. I have since had five years as Marketing Manager at Vinci Seafood (Western Rock Lobster and product from their longline vessels – fishing under the Western Tuna and Billfish licence) indirectly associated with commercial fishing with my role at Austrade and prior to WAFIC, I did the environment plan stakeholder engagement for Chevron, involving significant liaison with the commercial fishing sector. As a career round-up, my role at WAFIC is an ideal position for me.

What is your biggest reward working in the seafood industry?

The variety, simply put, never a dull moment. I am very fortunate to work with people across the state, passionate about their industry and in many cases a fourth, fifth and sixth generation of that family in a fishery.

Would you encourage women to follow a career in the seafood industry?

Absolutely, there are a wide range of opportunities for women in the commercial fishing sector, you are not desk bound and the range and variety of work keeps it both interesting and challenging.

Favourite memorable moment?

I have been very fortunate to have been to the Tokyo (Tsukiji) Fish market on multiple occasions. It is an amazing place (due to close soon and move to much larger, modern purpose built site) and a selling venue for commercial fisheries world-wide including product from Australia.



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