Merilyn Nobes





Current role

I am currently a Senior Consultant with NMAC(SA) Pty Ltd which provides executive services to various commercial fishing industry associations in South Australia.

When and how did you get involved in the seafood industry?

I joined the South Australian Public Service in the mid-seventies and after some years in water resource management was attracted to a role in fisheries management. Over a career that spanned 30 plus years in SA’s fisheries management agency I performed varied roles in the licensing, management and committee support areas. Following my departure from the public service in 2014 I took up my current role working for industry groups and am still learning new things about the industry every day.

What is your biggest reward working in the seafood industry?

Working in fisheries is an exciting area to be involved in. I always say there is never a dull moment in fisheries management and it’s about managing people not fish. The issues are challenging and managing change processes is a key component of the field. The people involved are passionate and are keen to ensure there is a sustainable future for the industry so their children and their children’s children can carry on this vibrant and important industry.

Would you encourage women to follow a career in the seafood industry?

When I first started with the industry it was very male dominated and more often than not I was the only woman in meetings but more recently there are more and more women getting involved in management which is great to see. This provides role models for the next generation of women to follow and take the next step. There is a bright future ahead for the seafood industry and many opportunities for women to take roles in its advancement.

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