Naomi Ricketts

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Naomi Ricketts

When and how did you get involved in the seafood industry?

10 years ago I started working in Value Added Aquaculture. I was meant to be a casual employee for the holidays, but ended up sticking it out for almost nine years! I grew into roles, eventually overseeing the production and planning processes of the factory. I now manage the office at the Safcol Central Fish Market.

What is your biggest reward working in the seafood industry?

People and the learning opportunities. While I meet interesting people every day, I have forged some fantastic relationships over the last 10 years. I met my husband in this industry, as well as some of my closest friends. I’m still learning new things every day, be it particulars of the industry, knowledge of people or life lessons.

What drives me?

Goals! The feeling of achievement of setting goals and then meeting them. Doesn’t matter if it is a KPI or a project, short term or long term, hitting each target set is like following stepping stones to something bigger.




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