Onika Basile

Onika Basile

I am an apprentice Marine Technician working on the West Coast of Australia. I am learning to service commercial fishing vessels from Fremantle to Exmouth, working with electronics such as plotters, sounders, autopilots, radars, radios, satphones and VMS systems.

How did you get into this industry?

My father worked as a commercial cray-fisherman at the Abrolhos Islands for most of my life, and within the past 10 years has developed an aquaculture business in coral farming.

I have grown up around boats and really enjoy working on the ocean and with my mother and father on the coral farm. After finishing school, I began an undergraduate degree in Marine Science, but wanted to do something more hands on and instead started an apprenticeship at Geraldton Marine Electronics.

Best part of being a technician?

Getting to sea trial lots of different boats up and down the coast.

Favourite memory?

Swimming with a playful and impersonating seal pup when diving at the coral farm.


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