Rhonda Farlow

rhonda farlow IMG_3092


After a degree in Psychology and Sociology and 16 years in the Australian and State Public Services writing policy and procedures, managing projects, contracts and tender processes in NSW, ACT, NT and QLD, of which youth work in the NT and disability services nationally were the most challenging; I wound up in the commercial fishing industry.

My passion these days is good governance, helping organisations build capacity to comply with the necessary legislative requirements and strengthen good governance practices. I think my interest in good governance was ignited when I was awarded the FRDC Governance Scholarship for women in 2009. I had already fallen into governance roles first as a volunteer, then employee and finally a contractor within the recreational and commercial fishing industry. Sometimes these roles were concurrent adding to the challenge.

I appreciated my time on the FRDC Social Science Research and Coordination Program Steering Committee and as a representative on the Farming and Fishing Workers Drug and Alcohol Use Research Advisory Group (RIRDC & FRDC). During my time in the commercial seafood industry it has been both challenging and rewarding to fulfil roles ranging from Director, to Company Secretary to Executive Assistant. It has given me an appreciation of the many and varied aspects of this complex industry.

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