Samantha Nowland

Samatha Nowland

Samantha Nowland

Your role/sector in industry and length and location.

I am currently working as an Aquaculture Research Officer. I work for Australia’s Northern Territory Government, Aquaculture Unit and have been here for three years

What you love about your seafood industry. 

I love that aquaculture can be used as a tool for sustainable development, food security and economic independence, of rural coastal and island communities. I work on aquaculture projects to support Indigenous economic development. Our research is aimed to enable the establishment of small-scale farms within Indigenous communities, so that communities can provide local jobs for local people.

What is your biggest reward working in the seafood industry?

The incredible people I get to work with, from our industry partners, University researchers and International collaborations, to our Indigenous aquaculture trainees, Indigenous Ranger groups and our Aquaculture Unit team; so many people with passion, drive and enthusiasm for the industry they support.

Favourite memorable moment whilst working/living in the seafood industry.

Flying via light plane through Arnhem Land, over the red earth and rivers in flood is magic. I feel so grateful that I am able to work in the place I grew up, knowing that my job contributes to positive change in my part of the world.


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