Sandy Newman

sandy newman

Sandy Newman

Your role/sector in industry and length and location

G’Day! I work as a deckhand in the wild caught Barramundi fishery in the Northern Territory Australia. Together with my husband Jeff, I work in pristine, isolated waters catching Australia’s iconic Barramundi. These fish are then filleted and snap frozen by us on board our fishing vessel, “FV Andrea-D”.

I started in 1986 working my own dinghy and nets in Queensland waters for many years.

What you love about your seafood industry

I love working outdoors and am constantly amazed by the ever changing scenery nature gives us. We have lots of adventures, seeing crocodiles, sharks, dolphins, seabirds, dingo and occasionally buffalo.

What is your biggest reward working in the seafood industry

 I get a real thrill knowing we are producing a first class fillet of fish which will be eaten and enjoyed by an Australian who may not be able to go out to catch it themselves. I love the fact that our industry is sustainable and well regulated, meaning future generations of Australians will also be able to fish for tasty, wild caught Barramundi.

Favourite memorable moment whilst working/living in the seafood industry

A favourite memory was when Jeff organised a surprise birthday party for me by having a plane land on a saltpan nearby the river we were fishing, bringing friends, birthday cake, balloons, champagne and presents to help me celebrate. This was even more amazing as it was back in the days before mobile and satellite phones, so had to be planned over the two way radio whenever I was away from the boat in my dinghy, and not one person tipped it off!!


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