Tracy Hill



I have been a partner in fishing and processing business based in Meningie, South Australia for 26 years. I manage the processing factory as well as fillet, pack, deliver, administration and all of the other non fishing activities.

Video about Coorong Wild Seafood – featuring Tracy Hill

Roles and Achievements

  • President:  South Australia Women’s Industry Network
  • Secretary/Treasurer: Southern Fishermen’s Association (Past Vice President)
  • SAWIN Board Member: Wildcatch Fisheries SA
  • Lakes and Coorong Fishery Consultative Committee

What I love about my seafood industry – Being able to meet a wide range of interesting people and in particular the friendship and camaraderie of the women in the industry.  When I first became involved with the Lakes and Coorong Fishery women were just not included.  Then SAWIN was formed and that changed my life in the industry.  There were role models and encouragement that made me brave enough to ask the President of SFA “what can I do?” This eventually led to a seat on the fishery management committee. Since then I have had many opportunities to participate at a state and national level.

Most interesting moment– There are so many.  A major highlight was travelling to the USA to a conference about Community Supported Fisheries and seeing just how far ahead of the curve the Australian Seafood Industry is in terms of driving our own destiny, despite what it feels like at times.

Thoughts about my industry- The resilience of people in the Seafood Industry is remarkable.  I do not believe any other sector of the community, going about a legal and vital business activity, is presented with so many obstacles blocking their way and having such unsupported propaganda directed at it. It saddens me that many have lost their livelihoods due to political decisions.  I also take my hat off to the seafood producers who despite the odds stacked against them keep on surviving and supplying fish to the people of Australia and beyond.


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