Vikki Collis

Vikki Collis

Vikki Collis

I am a Fisheries and Marine Officer for the Department of Fisheries in Geraldton, Western Australia and have been with the Department for five years.

What do I enjoy most about the seafood industry?

I enjoy the great people I meet who I share similar values and passions with including a love of the ocean. Seafood has such a rich history and many people I work with have a fascinating long history in the industry and great stories to share.

How did I get involved?

I have always had a passion for the marine environment. I grew up in Cairns in Far North Queensland and my obvious choice was to become a dive instructor. Travelling with this qualification made me want to protect the marine environment and ensure sustainable practices so all can enjoy the resource. After going to uni as a mature aged student I landed a job in WA with Fisheries and have never looked back.

What is the most important aspect of my job?

I am a strong believer in education and awareness. I believe the more aware people are about fishing, the fish they catch and the industry they are in the easier it is for people to feel a sense of stewardship towards the industry which in turn promotes voluntary compliance resulting in happy fishermen and happy compliance officers!!

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