Yupunu Marika

Yupunu Marika

Yupunu Marika

I am a Senior Ranger for Dhimurru Aboriginal Corporation. We manage the land and sea that make up our Indigenous Protected Area (IPA) in far NE Arnhemland on the Gove Peninsula. I have worked in this role for 6 years.

I have grown up here, hunting and fishing with my family and have a close relationship with our sea country.

As a ranger, I am involved in many activities that keep our marine environment healthy, including ghost net and marine debris removal; monitoring marine ecosystems such as mangroves, coral beds and sea grass beds; and monitoring populations of marine animals such as turtles, dugong, dolphins and fish. I was recently involved in the collection of samples from a local fish kill event.

We also monitor recreational fishing activities. Our compliance patrol work involves making sure bag limits on some fish species are followed and that illegal fishing activities are monitored and reported to the relevant authorities.

I enjoy this work because I am directly contributing to a healthy marine environment, which will benefit my children and community and others making a living from these resources.

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