Justine Arnold – FRDC/WINSC Scholarship Winner 2014

3 Apr


justine arnold

Justine comes from a multi-generational fishing family, fishing for Rock Lobster in both the Midwest of WA and at the Abrolhos Islands. As a child growing up within a passionate fishing family Justine has developed knowledge of how wild catch fisheries work and the impacts of both environmental changes and government intervention. Justin has chosen to work within the aquaculture sector and has worked throughout her university degree for an aquaculture company in Western Australia.

justine2Justine completed her Diploma of Seafood Industry (Aquaculture) at Batavia Coast Maritime Institute.

She then enrolled at Murdoch University to attain a Bachelor of Science in Marine Science and a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Management, which she recently completed.

Justine also volunteered for 2.5 months in a turtle conservation program to broaden her career prospects.

Justine’s scholarship application centers around her desire to further her knowledge in her chosen career and industry by using the scholarship funds to travel overseas and look at aquaculture ventures that closely mirror the work she is currently doing.

Justine plans to embark on a study tour to visit the aquaculture park where companies such as Blue Ocean Mariculture and Kampachi Farms farm Seriola rivoliana, branded as Kampachi. This species is almost identical to a species found in Australian waters; Seriola lalandi (yellowtail kingfish).





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