National Rural Women’s Coalition News – January 2012

29 Feb

National Rural Women’s Coalition News

As a delegate of the National Rural Women’s Coalition, I am pleased to announce that Michelle Deshong is one of the Queensland Finalists in the RIRDC Awards 2012. I have worked with Michelle for approximately 2 years. She is a proud and dynamic young woman.

Michelle Deshong works with the National Rural Women’s Coalition and her focus has been to address the divide between rural and Indigenous women and to encourage more collaboration between the two.

Michelle’s project focuses on developing better frameworks and models that will assist Indigenous and rural women to collaborate and work together to enhance rural communities.

The project will involve a pilot program that will link communities to primary industries. If the pilot is implemented successfully it could be duplicated in strategically selected locations to deliver direct and indirect benefits across a range of sectors and industries. Michelle’s vision is that the linkages built by the pilot program will create a shared understanding and build confidence that will foster future engagement and cooperation between rural women and Indigenous women in the primary industries sector.

2012 Queensland Rural Women’s Award Finalist – Michelle Deshong

Anne Whalley
WINSC Queensland Director

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