News From WINSC Victorian Director Maria Manias – January 2012

29 Feb

Victoria is currently undergoing a major restructure in the fishing industry. A ‘Fishing Future Strategy’ document has been circulated to all stakeholders for comment on the strategy and industry representatives are working round the clock to make sure that the future of commercial fishers are protected.

Like everything, when ideas or suggestions for a review are displayed to commercial fishers or the seafood industry as a whole, it brings anxiety, fear and uncertainty because of past historical events. I’d like to believe that this will be an opportunity to develop a future plan that will be fair and consistent and provide security for commercial fishers. To achieve this we need to be in those discussions voicing our concerns, opinions, comments etc. on behalf of the wider community who relies on our fishers to bring in the fresh fish/seafood. More on this as it progresses.

WINSC’s will be holding part 2 of their ‘Developing Directors capacity’ workshop this year following the successful completion at the Gold Coast in October 2011. The workshop was extremely beneficial in that directors spent time understanding how the board could work better and more efficient and I certainly enjoyed the challenges that came with that! Look forward to the next chapter.

I congratulate the new Board and welcome new directors Eva Marinopoulos from Victoria and Marriane St. Claire from Northern Territory.



Victorian Director WINSC



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