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4 Jul

June 2013 Newsletter

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The NSW Minister for Primary Industries the Hon. Katrina Hodgkinson recently removed commercial catch limits for many fish species in NSW.   SETFIA issued a press release on May 21 and less than 24 hours later the Minister issued a statement reinstating the limits.  The Association is now committed to working to reach a resource sharing agreement that provides strong property rights for State and Commonwealth fishermen.  Strong rights are the best protection for the resource.




The fishing gear on South East Trawl vessels has been independently surveyed.  All vessels met the requirements to reduce by-catch and undersized fish.  Click here to find out what a BRD is and how it works.


The number of vessels, hours fished and catch in the South East Trawl Fishery have all decreased by about half when compared to the 20 years leading up to 2007.  Commonwealth fisheries are managed under a risk-catch-cost framework.  This means that as risk decreases, catch increases and management cost decreases.  Is this applied?

In an open letter to SETFIA Gerry Geen from Seafish Tasmania, the Able Tasman proponent, explains that in the absence of a commercially viable vessel that the management cost in the Small Pelagic Fishery is expected to reach $2/kg when the fish sells for $1/kg…  Gerry explains

The fourth chapter in the series of videos on stock assessments and harvest strategies is now available. The new chapter covers age and growth.  This work is supported by funding from the FRDC on behalf of the Australian Government.  Watch the 12 minute video here.
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