Maria Manias – Past WINSC Victorian Director

Maria has been involved in the commercial seafood industry for the past 20 years since operating with her husband a small family run commercial fishing business. Despite the ups and downs during this period , she was one of the first women in Victoria to be on State and Commonwealth committees representing grass root commercial fishers.

With the collapse of the scallop fishery in the late 1990’s and the hardships that followed for her family, Maria went on to complete the FRDC National Leadership program in 2007, and is currently the:

  •  only woman director on the board of Seafood Industry Victoria (SIV)
  •  Executive Officer of the Victorian Fishery Association into Resoure Management (V.F.A.R.M.)
  •  Victorian director on Women’s Industry Network Seafood Community (WINSC)
  •  Victorian board member of primary skills Victoria.
  •  Steering committee member  Seafood Direction 2010.






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