Quotas increase, hear a seismic air gun blast, new assessment for blue warehouse?

28 May

May 2013 Newsletter
Issue 27 – 3,288 recipients

The new 2013/14 fishing year started on May 1 with quotas in the South East increasing by 600 tonnes.  Why did they increase?
Dr Jeremy Prince presented on spawning per recruit (SPR) stock assessments at a blue warehou workshop in Melbourne recently.  SPR is an Australian developed breakthrough that looks to solve the problem of assessing data-poor fisheries and make assessment processes more affordable.  How does it work?
Do air gun blasts shatter undersea tranquility?  The CFA has recently nominated seismic surveys used by the oil and gas industry as a key threatening process.  The Scientific American journal has published an article where readers can listen to a podcast of an air gun being fired.
Three south east trawl fisherman have collected almost 2,000 lengths from blue warehou in the last year.  For their efforts they have each won themselves a prize.  Who are they, why did they do this and what did they win?
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