SeaChange Consulting February 2012 Newsletter

5 Mar
Government Elections – Who to Choose?Both state and local government elections are coming up (and maybe even Federal?), so how do you decide who to choose as the best possible person to represent the needs of your community?  Click here for a simple process that you can follow to be confident that you have made the best decision you possibly could have.


10 Reasons Why People May Not Follow Policies and ProceduresPolicies, procedures and ground rules of how to operate as a team are the backbone of any team or organisation. However the fact that people don’t often follow these documents is one of the most common complaints that clients share with SeeChange – and they are often desperate for help to fix it.  We often hear people say, We have the documents but our staff just won’t follow them. It is so frustrating! Here are ten reasons why they may not be being followed and how to create some change in this area.



Employee Productivity – 9 Key Drivers of Increased PerformanceHave you ever wondered what helps people to perform? A recently released report by the Hay Group has identified 9 key drivers for increasing employee productivity in the workforce as a result of interviewing 400 of the world’s top companies.  Click here to find out what they are and then how you can use this information to boost the productivity of your workforce.



Turning Committees into High Performing TeamsWe recently had a client who wanted to turn their Health Safety and Environment Committee into a high performance team.  This was a great opportunity to spend some time reviewing their current performance and create some change.  At times committees struggle to gain ‘traction’ and gain real runs on the board. Here is a checklist to assess your committee’s performance.  How does your committee rate?


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