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‘We are all in the same boat, in a stormy sea, and we owe each other a terrible loyalty.’
G.K. Chesterton 

SEA details can be found at – come and see our new re-vamped website. We have re-launched and will work it as we go including new Members only area.

Communication is an important element with an industry as widespread as ours is so we hope that this will open the door to building bridges and keeping you informed. 

SEA News

Bursary Opportunity European Seafood Exposition – April 2012 – HURRY…..
The FRDC, with WAFIC, is providing the opportunity for five (5) seafood industry people to attend the European Seafood Exposition (ESE) from 23rd April to 1st May 2012.  Each bursary will be worth $3,000 funded by the Fisheries Research and Development Corporation and managed by SEA.

Australian Seafood now on Facebook
Come and join us and give us your stories and promote your products 

Dietitians Association of Australia (DAA)

Through SEA’s Partnership there is opportunity for any SEA member to sponsor many of DAA’s events. One on offer now is a Professional Development Day where accredited practicing dietitian Dr Amanda-Lee will discuss the new dietary guidelines and the systematic processes behind their development in Queensland.  This can be done for less than $750….interested? Contact Roy

Foodservice Suppliers Association Australia (FSAA)
SEA is now an Associate Member of FSAA. Vince Crawley (CEO of FSAA) has organised a great program of Breakfasts and Forums – get involved and take the chance to network.

Australian Made

The Australian Seafood brand is a moderately priced system for promotion of its provenance and guarantees what you buy is what you get. When you buy into this you are buying into a brand that has 25 years (see video) of recognition. Apply through Seafood Services Australia.

Trade News

Korea Opportunity – Yeosu 12 May – 12 Aug

Thanks to those who registerd interest in this issue. SEA is still working up this project with the aim to meet major buyers in Korea and discuss seafood opportunities. Korea has similar seafood consumption to that of Japan and sales to this country have been increasing mainly on the back of individual efforts. Any additional interest in this should contact


Guidelines to DAFF-AQIS Food Inspection Charges for 2012
DAFF’s export certification services are provided to industry under a fully cost recovered arrangement.  The fees and charges applied recover the direct and indirect costs associated with management and delivery of those services.

If you have issues with these charges you should speak to SECC Members or raise them through the Seafood Access Forum.

Foreign Investment and Australian Agriculture
The Australian Government has decided not to tighten foreign investment controls in relation to the acquisition of Australian agricultural land and businesses.

Foreign investment has been a significant force in the development of the Australian economy, including in agriculture and agribusiness. The inflow of foreign capital has contributed, and continues to contribute, to investment, boosting employment and incomes. The development of the beef industry and the introduction of cotton growing are two notable beneficial examples of the outcomes of foreign investment in agriculture.

Seafood Trade & Market Access Database

All the information at your fingertips through

Airfreight News

“The year ended with a surge in exports of perishables, well above trend. This was due to strong performances from fruit through Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane where totals nearly doubled on December last year. Meat exports were also up 50% through Melbourne and Sydney.”

Imports fell away in December, as usual following the pre-Christmas surge. Info thanks to MariTrade.

The Australian Governments review of airfreight security measures being undertaken by Department of Infrastructure and Transport continues. A review paper will be tabled shortly. As this is on Seafood Access Forum agenda we will keep you informed.

Marketing Update

Development and Implementation of an Industry Education and Market Awareness Program
Many millions of dollars have been invested in market research but this project was designed to help establish a program that would engage the Australian seafood industry to participate in a trade show program and gain a broader understanding of the market in which they are selling products.

To date the seafood industry has approached this task (marketing – tradeshows and gaining customer information) in a piecemeal, company by company basis. This project sought to draw together the key highly motivated seafood industry companies, who will provide a good example to those companies looking to expand their horizons. FRDC invested in this through FRDC Project 2007-235

Australasian Aquaculture announces inaugural Awards program – HURRY with your entries…
Australasian Aquaculture 2012 Awards with the inaugural ‘Blue Thumbs’ being announced at the ‘Articulture’, themed night, taking place at NGV International, Wednesday 2 May, has taken off. The Awards will be sponsored by Global Aquaculture Alliance – Best Aquaculture Practices (GAA-BAP).  Please note entries must be received by 1 March 2012 – entries can be self-nominated or nominated on behalf of someone. All judging criteria must be demonstrated in the form of an electronic submission.

Understanding Aquaculture
A new video loaded at our website, Turning Points in Modern Aquaculture was produced by the Aquaculture Service of the FAO Fisheries and Aquaculture Department. With film clips taken from various countries and photos contributed by many – depicting the range of people, species, environments, systems, practices as well as opportunities and challenges facing aquaculture, this video takes viewers to a historical journey to the major turning points in aquaculture development since the early and first aquaculture practice by a Chinese named Fan Li two millennia ago. Aquaculture, now the fastest growing food producing sector globally, can serve the people better, and communities and nations continue to prosper.

Tuna obtains record price – maximises marketing opportunity
Last month we highlighted the Y56.49 million ($A711,864) sale of one Tuna and there is more on this. The successful bidder Kiyomura Co.– a Tokyo-based company operating revolving sushi chain “Sushi Zanmai–attracted attention all over Japan.
“Certainly the morale of our staffers were greatly raised,” recalls an excited president, Kiyoshi Kimura, 59, adding “Now, the entire Japan is afflicted with unprecedented hardship caused by the great earthquake and tsunami. I bought the tuna this year in the strong hope that I can cheer up the Japanese people.”
As a result, “Sushi Zanmai” became the best-known sushi chain in Japan overnight.

Promotion must be linked to Education and New Products
Habits die hard and getting permanent change is more than discounting. Food researcher highlights various studies have shown that discounts alone won’t get people to buy if they weren’t going to anyway.  Lessons in fruit and vegetables are no different than fish/seafood.

“Oversupply” or “Under Marketing”
In addition, salmon prices are expected to remain low in the American market this year as the industry goes into over-supply. This is something that we continue to expect from an industry focused on production and price instead of on market development.

Coles, Woolies shoot each other, but farmers get shot
“Governments cut back on investment in agricultural research and development, and many local farmers found they were unable to compete. When world food prices started to rise sharply in 2007, farmers in the developing world struggled to increase production, and millions of the world’s most vulnerable people were forced into extreme poverty and hunger. “

Heart Foundation in tick return 

“The Heart Foundation has put its lucrative tick symbol up for sale again as it tries to recoup the money lost when it severed ties with the fast food giant McDonald’s. The burger chain was paying $300,000 a year for the endorsement when the organisation cut the agreement last September. Now the tick will be offered to makers of frozen foods, ready-made meals and simmer sauces.”

The Sunday Mail (Brisbane), January 29.

SEA  say “If The Heart Foundation was tuly keen to connect to marketing it would offer the tick free to seafood!”

SEA working with Austrade to increase understanding on Seafood

SEA will be linking up with Austrade posts in Asia, right through to the Middle East through a live webinar relating to Industry capability on Seafood. This is planned for Mid May so if anyone has any pertinent issues they wish to raise please communicate with Roy. One of the aims is to assist the Austrade offshore network in identifying overseas demand driven export opportunities for the Australian seafood industry.

Spread the net, tip the scales
Good promotion in national newspapers re seafood in lead up to lent.

Event Info 2012

Training & Education Update

The Seafood Executive Program

A brochure and application form will be made available soon into the New Year but put the Program date (8-13 July) aside in your calendar now as places for this program will be well sought after throughout Australasia. Details will be available through and . Note Seafood CRC Bursaries could be used for this – they close on March 2nd. Seafood Executive Program Manager, Anita Pike can be contacted at Tel: +61 3 8640 0947


AquaEd program is now finalised and will be appearing on website below within the week. We have speakers from all around Australia and from NZ, Alaska, Texas, China, etc to add to the international flavour of education. training is the key to moving our industry forward!

Marine Safety (Domestic Commercial Vessel) National Law Bill 2012

The National Law Bill will implement the decision of the Council of Australian Governments (COAG) in August 2011 to create a single National Law to regulate the safety of all commercial vessel operations in Australian waters. It will also establish a single National Regulator for commercial vessel safety – the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA).

The National Law primarily aims to provide the legislative basis for the National Regulator and allow the implementation of the new National System for the regulation of commercial vessels and crew in Australia to commence on 1 January 2013. Now available for public comment.

Long term unemployed scheme maybe working 
Speaking after the first month of the scheme Employment Participation Minister Kate Ellis said once a job seeker had been unemployed for one year they had a 54 per cent chance of being unemployed for at least one more year after that. “People who have been unemployed for a long period of time have difficulty finding full-time employment because they often don’t have the necessary skills and work experience employers are looking for,” she said. The government has beefed up protection against the abuse of its new wage subsidy for the long-term unemployed on concerns that the scheme, which started this month, would be ripped off by unscrupulous bosses. The scheme has seen the hotel, food and retail sector seize the chance, with 341 people placed into subsidised work. The majority of those placed were disabled, with 179 put into jobs via the federal scheme. Shop assistant was the most popular category, with 31 people placed in retail. The success is in contrast with the relocation scheme, which pays people to move to where jobs are. This scheme has been struggling to get unemployed people to sign up.  Source: Weekend Australian, January 28.

Cook shortages create Seafood opportunities

Australian chef David Pugh says it is hard to find apprentices at all. “A lot of restaurants have either cut apprentices severely or cut them out completely,” Pugh says. “Not a lot of young kids are going into the trade but there’s the ability now, once qualified, to earn extremely good money.” Budding Australian chefs are being encouraged on to the scene by hospitality industry super fund HostPlus through its Cook for Your Career competition. Last year’s inaugural winner, Monty Eilola, 17, won an apprenticeship with Pugh’s highly regarded Restaurant Two on Edward St and he begins work this month after finishing Year 12. “I was working at Twin Towns while finishing school last year and my boss there said he wouldn’t employ anyone who hadn’t finished Year 12, so I stuck with it. It’s worth it in the end. Source: The Courier Mail (Brisbane), January 28. 

Business News

Dismissals and discrimination / general protections claims: Watch out for the double dip!

Employers need to be aware that the Fair Work Act 2009 (FW Act) prohibits employees from taking multiple actions ‘in relation to’ their dismissal. Employees can choose, for example, to claim unfair dismissal before Fair Work Australia; or claim that their termination was unlawfully discriminatory under State-based anti-discrimination legislation; but cannot take both actions. These provisions of the FW Act (sections 725-732) (FW Act anti-double dipping provisions) are important, and reasonably complex in their wording. Thanks to Maddocks for this information – they can be contacted through Ross Jackson Direct 61 3 9288 0526 or

Live Better (Health News)

Fish can help Alzheimer’s
The good news now is that people who eat baked or broiled fish on a weekly basis may be improving their brain health and reducing their risk of developing mild cognitive impairment (MCI) and Alzheimer’s disease, according to a study presented at the annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA).

Join and promote our 2perweek activities at Twitter (@2perweek)


Sea Friendly (Sustainability News)

Sydney Fish Market (SFM) secure Professor Ray Hilborn for talks
World- renowned marine scientist Dr Ray Hilborn; Professor in the School of Aquatic and Fishery Sciences from the University of Washington State, will later this month visit Australia to tell the truth about Australia’s fisheries. Dr Hilborn along with leading Australian fisheries scientist Dr Robert Kearney AM (Emeritus Professor, University of Canberra) are producing a paper that discusses key findings about Australia’s fisheries.

Meetings will be held in Canberra & Sydney between Monday, 27 February until Friday, 2 March – for more information contact Jessica Harding Phone: 02 9004 1146, Mobile: 0421 399 301

Prince Charles spreads the good news on Sustainable Seafood

In London Prince Charles said “The story today need no longer be one of doom and gloom and inevitable decline, but one that harbours the possibility of generating more value from a strongly performing natural asset. This potential can only be tapped if we manage it well.”

Sodexo, Inc makes commitment on certification
Sodexo, Inc., the world leader in Quality of Daily Life Solutions, announced today a comprehensive, industry leading Sustainable Seafood Initiative, including a commitment to have 100 percent of its contracted fresh and frozen seafood certified as sustainable by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) or Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) by 2015.

Communication is key…
The amount of confused messaging must be as damaging as it is guiding. Don’t eat this and don’t eat that then pick up another book or read another blog and its ok. The fact is that there is so much mixed messaging that I wouldn’t be surprised if consumers gave up on it and hoped that their retailer or restaurant had done all the work for them.

Views re global changes in thinking re Certification

This is one view and there are many about the issue that has erupted since Alaska Salmon Producers advised they were not going to renew their MSC Certification.

The whole issue of fish sustainability has been driven by the conservationist lobby. Their strategy has been to scare retailers into adopting the message. However, they have failed miserably to convince consumers. Consumers are simply too busy.

The Alaskan Seafood Marketing Institute has got it right. Sustainability is about government managing fish stocks responsibly. This is what all responsoble Governments do and certification is just a way of rubber stamping such management. If consumers are not interested in the rubber stamp, then as the processors seem to think, why bother?   

Agriculture Consumes 92% of Freshwater used Globally!
new study out of the Netherlands’ University of Twente seeks to answer just that question, and has been referred to as the most comprehensive analysis of global water use to date.

Food Safety

What is eWater and how can the system be helpful? eWater Systems provide an on site plant that uses the electrolysis of tap water, electricity and ordinary table salt to produce cleaning and sanitising solutions that replace many of the packaged chemicals currently used in preparing, processing and storing seafood.

To find out more about eWater Systems visit their website or contact them on 1300 EWATER

It’s Easy

Cooking with Seafood
We have provided all of the information on all types of cooking from the Australian Seafood Users Manual  ( a great book produced through investment by QDPI & FRDC)

People News

Plenary Speakers for Australasia Aquaculture

  • Dr Alex Obach, Managing Director, Skretting Aquaculture Research Centre, Norway
  • Dr Chen Wen, Director of Fisheries Division, Guangdong Provincial Oceanic and Fisheries Administration, China
  • Julian Cribb, FTSE, Principal of Julian Cribb & Associates, ACT
  • Paul McCarthy, Australia’s Rockstar Marketing, Victoria
  • Prof. Ben Hays, Research Leader (Livestock Genomics): Department of Primary Industries, Victoria
  • Sam Guthrie, General Manager: Global Business Development at the Woolmark Company, NSW

Austral CEO makes Power 100
Austral Fisheries’ CEO David Carter has been voted by Intrafish as #89 in their 2012 Power 100: Seafood’s Most Powerful Executives. Congratulations David!

New NSW Executive Director for Fisheries announced

Following the interview process NSW Government anointed the Acting ED Dr Geoff Allan.

Geoff Allan has over 20 years experience in aquaculture and fish biology with over 20 years experience in fish and aquaculture research.  He has substantial experience in leading aquaculture research programs. Geoff has been the Industry and Investment NSW Research Leader in Aquaculture and the Director, Port Stephens Fisheries Institute.  He also has had other professional appointments including Program Consultant, ACIAR; Theme Leader for Seafood CRC Aquaculture Innovation, Australia; Founding Director and Trustee, Aquaculture without Frontiers; Chairman of NSW Fisheries Animal Care and Ethics Committee.

Geoff is a past-president of the World Aquaculture Society (2003/04) and the Asian Pacific Chapter of the World Aquaculture Society (2000-02).

Book Review

Watermelons : How Environmentalists are Killing the Planet, Destroying the Economy and Stealing your Children’s Future {published by Biteback} by James Delingpole
WARNING: You need to read this with an open mind….

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