Seafood Services Australia Update: September 2010

30 Sep


In response to continued reader feedback, we have further refined the format of SSA Update to provide you with news headlines and snippets with web links for those readers requiring further detail on any particular items. We trust this keeps you in touch with the latest news while also helping you to navigate your way through the increasing volume of information that is becoming available.

Ted Loveday, SSA Managing Director


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Register Now! International Seafood & Health Conference – Melbourne, November 2010

SSA Network and Seafood Trade & Market Access Forum

The SSA Network and Seafood Trade & market Access Forum (SAF) meetings held in Darwin last month were well attended and covered a range of important seafood industry issues. Click on the links below for records of these meetings which are available on the SSA website.

Trade and Market Access Database

Our Seafood Trade & Market Access Database, developed with the support of the Seafood CRC, SARDI and AQIS, now includes important information for companies trading seafood in Australia, and for new and existing exporters to almost 30 countries.

New Look SSA Bulletin – Chasing the Chinese Tiger

SSA is pleased to announce the release of its news look quarterly newsletter “SSA Bulletin”. Our new format is focused on giving you valuable information on seafood industry development, while also focusing each issue on an important area of work that SSA is involved in for the seafood industry. For example, this issue covers a range of activities relating to Australia-China trade. China (including Hong Kong and Chinese Taipei) has an established demand for Australian live and chilled seafood. There is also significant potential for future growth in demand for processed and frozen seafood for restaurant and home consumption, as well as enormous market potential for an expanding range of Australian product.

Seafood and Health Videos

SSA will soon be uploading several new videos (to its video library) with important information on the health benefits of eating seafood. You are welcome to display these in your business or at conferences.

AQIS Service Delivery Reform

The Fish Ministerial Taskforce (MTF) was formed in April 2009, to explore alternative service delivery arrangements for AQIS Fish inspection in line with recommendations of the Beale Review and in order to promote efficiencies and improve productivity.

SSA Website Updates & New SSA Products

SSA has created a new section in its website to give you instant access to the many important areas in the website that are constantly updated. We trust this makes it easier for you to keep aware of issues important to your business and of new seafood industry publications and products as they are available.

Latest SSA Reports & Submissions

The latest SSA reports and submissions are now available on the SSA website.

Globefish Publications Updates

SSA receives Globefish publications as Australia’s Member of Globefish. To download these publications logon to the Seafood Trade & Market Access Database, then click on Seafood Trade & Market Publications (GLOBEFISH & Others).  Globefish publications include:

  • Globefish Commodity Updates: Anchovies, Bivalves, Cephalopods, Crabs, Fishmeal, Freshwater Fish, Groundfish, Herring, Lobsters, Mackerel, Salmon, Sardines, Shrimps, Small Pelagics, Tuna
  • Globefish European Price Reports
  • Globefish Research Reports: Ecolabels and Marine Capture Fisheries, Fish Supply and Demand in the Near East, Fishery Industry Profiles (China; Republic of Korea – Post Harvest Sector; Russia), Freshwater Fish for European Markets, Trends in European Groundfish Markets, Lobster Markets, Market Penetration of Developing Country Seafood Products in European Retail Chains, Marketing of Aquacultured Finfish in Europe, The Market for Nile Perch, World Octopus Market, Organic Markets for Aquaculture Products, Private Standards in fisheries and aquaculture, Seafood Markets in (Italy, Spain, Southern EU), Seafood Price Indices, Supermarkets and the Artisanal Fisheries Sector in Latin America, World Surimi Market, World Market of Tilapia, Global Production and Marketing of Canned Tuna, World Tuna Markets.
  • Globefish Seafood Highlights

Interesting News Links

Employment Opportunities

Australian Seafood Brand UPDATE

SSA and SEA’s project with Australian Made Campaign Limited (AMCL) is resulting in an increased number of seafood businesses becoming licensed to brand and promote their seafood using the well established and trusted Australian Made, Australian Grown brand and logo.

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SSA Membership – How to Apply

SSA’s current members are Seafood Experience AustraliaNational Aquaculture Council and Sydney Fish Market. Seafood industry organisations and businesses with objectives that are compatible with the objectives of SSA may apply to become a member.

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