WINSC Face To Face AGM October 2011

7 Dec

The Women’s Industry Network Seafood Community Annual General Meeting was held on the 23rd of October 2011 following a day of mentoring from Jill Briggs, Managing Director of Rural Training Initiatives and Director Capacity Training. This was conducted under the instructions of Sarah Lowe of Sustainable Systems and Solutions from funding provided by Dept Agriculture Fisheries and Forestry at the “Wave Resort” on the Gold Coast in Queensland.

Sponsored by the Fisheries Research and Development Corporation, Sydney Fish Markets and Seafood Services Australia the organisation is able to have its face to face meeting in different states and where possible in conjunction with the Seafood Directions Bi-annual Conferences.

Directors from around Australia met to determine the 2011-2012 Board in conjunction with the annual face to face general meeting. Kylie Paulsen acknowledged the commitment and contributions the outgoing directors had made in fostering WINSC into guided future strategic management. Unfortunately Kylie has stepped down from her presidents’ position, with wedding bells ringing for her and Al.

Karen Collard from Townsville presented the outcomes of her experiences in winning the 2011 WINSC FRDC Professional Development Scholarship and participating in the National Seafood Industry Leadership Course under the watchful eye of Jill Briggs. Karen formed the Townsville Branch of Qld WINSC in 1999/2000 and arranged ATO and Work Cover workshops to better understand GST implications for fishing industry operations & crew. She has been working in partnership with Qld Seafood Industry Assoc and Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority on a Fishing Emissions Calculator accessed via the internet. She volunteered to complete a case study in October 2009 and since that time have been involved with the project.

Director and presenter, Jenny Shaw is currently studying Climate Change for her PhD subject; members were well informed on the identified indicators for monitoring the changes occurring to the climate.

Secretary, Janet Howieson has also stepped down. Janet’s contributions and professional approach to improving the profile of WINSC will be missed. We all wish her well with her career and research projects for the Seafood Industry.

With the following positions now filled the board is still focussing on its director training and will have a further workshop in the New Year.

Positions around Australia are Western Australia Director Leonie Noble; Executive Officer and Director At Large Jenny Shaw;  Northern Territory Director, Marianne St Clair, Executive Officer and Julii Tyson Director At large; Queensland Director Anne Whalley, Treasurer; NSW Director Mary Howard, President; Victorian Director Maria Manias and Director at large Eva Marinopoulos; Tasmanian Director Fiona Ewing, Vice President; South Australian Director Jean Cannon.

The Boards focus for 2012 will be on membership, communication, and representing the views of the Seafood Community.

From Left to Right: The WINSC Board 2011-2012: Julii Tyson, Eva Marinopoulos, Jenny Shaw, Marianne St Clair, Mary Howard, Maria Manias, Leonie Noble, Fiona Ewing, Anne Whalley & Jean Cannon.



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