WINSC NSW News from the Professional Fisherman’s Association (NSW) Annual Meeting – January 2012

29 Feb

Professional Fisherman’s Association (NSW) Annual meeting was held on the 2nd December 2011.

The meeting discussed the concept to divide the state into three areas for the purposes of PFA administration. The three areas would consist current regions (1,2,3,) to be North; (4,5) to be Central and (6,7) to be South . Funds would be required to staff and administer these regions and implement the proposal. PFA are looking at raising $700,000 via professional fisher’s management fees.

The plan is for the MAC functions to be within this structure and industry managing this along with other processes that are currently managed by NSW Fisheries. This is encouraging and is seen as industry being more involved in the management of fisheries with the aim of reducing the overall management costs that fishers have to pay.

PFA currently have 320 members. It is important for all of Industry to embrace the structure and to be involved and to work with and for the aims and objectives of this organisation.

The PFA have assisted in fishers now being able to harvest Salmon (with capped tonnage) north of Barrenjoey. The organisation has assisted in discussions and finances for discussions with lobby group proposals to close Pittwater to professional fishers.

A thankyou to Rhonda Farlow was conveyed by the CEO John Harrison and the Chairperson Donald Johnson.

The objectives of the PFA are:

  1. Strong fishing rights that will provide long term access and a viable future for commercial fishers.
  2. A strong representative voice for the wild harvest fishery.
  3. The wild harvest fishing industry is recognised by the community and the government as
  4. sustainable and a valued food source.
  5. Applied industry research used to support good management and decision making.

Relationships established with government and non government agencies in pursuit of long term outcomes.

The organisation needs memberships to continue to make gains for the NSW Professional Fishing Industry and to deliver a strong united voice across all of the state.


Mary Howard (GAICD)

NSW WINSC Director



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